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Recommended 15 Best Swimming Pool Filters in the World

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Is your swimming pool water muddy and murky? Are you weary of low-quality filtration systems with frequent maintenance that provide nothing like decent filtration? If yes, then you’re in the right place. 

In our story today, we’ve arranged to assess the best swimming pool filter brands for your pool. We will initially start with what the best swimming pool filters are, and then move with the top 15 brands that manufacture such filters. 

What is the Best Swimming Pool Filter?

POOLPURE Swimming Pool Filter Replacement Intex 29005E Type B

$25.99 – $54.99

A swimming pool filter is a vital component that extracts pollutants from your pool water to cleanse and purify it. These filters are generally categorized into three primary types:

  • Sand Filters: Use a layer of sand to trap contaminants. 
  • Cartridge Filters: Use replaceable fabric cartridges to capture pollutants.
  • Diatomaceous Earth Filters (DE): Use diatomaceous earth powder to gain clean water filtration — the most effective type.

When attempting to pick the best swimming pool filter, you should carefully think of several factors such as pool size, maintenance preferences, and water quality. 

Cartridge filters are commonly the best choice for smaller pools as they’re efficient and comfortable to clean. Sand filters, on the other hand, are cost-effective with low upkeep requirements, which makes them amazing for mid-sized pools. What’s more, larger pools with plenty of debris will find DE filters the best option as they deliver the most acceptable filtration, though they demand more maintenance.

It’s also imperative to reckon the flow and turnover rates of the filter you pick for your pool. The best swimming pool filters make all the water circulate adequately and treat it regularly. Additionally, energy efficiency is another key element; you must go for filters that bring performance and power consumption into equilibrium. 

Last but not least, regular maintenance is also critical for flawless performance, including backwashing in sand filters or cleaning cartridges. In general, it’s necessary to evaluate your pool's specific needs to choose a filter that best matches its requirements. 

15 Best Swimming Pool Filters in the World

Since pool filter options are from a multitude of companies in the market, you may need to become more familiar with the best swimming pool filters. That’s why we handpicked the 15 best swimming pool filters below along with one of their greatest products to help you know which brands to follow. 

Filter Brand

Featured Model

Price (approx.)


Perflex DE Filter



28637EG C1000 Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump



Flow Clear 1500 Pool Filter Pump



19-inch Above Inground Pool Sand Filter


Rx Clear

Radiant Complete Sand Filter System


Blue Wave

120-Square Feet Cartridge Filter System



160332 Clean and Clear Pool Filter Cartridge



In-Ground Cartridge Filter



Pool Pro 16-inch Sand Filter System



PLF120A Pool Filter



Laser 22.5-inch Above Ground Pool Sand Filter



CS200 Filter


Summer Waves

Filter Pump System for Above Ground Swim Pools



SandPRO Above-Ground Pool Filter


Water TechniX

25-inch Sand Filter Aspire


1. Hayward

Hayward was founded in 1925 as a supreme brand in the best swimming pool filters. The company offers various filtration products, but its Perflex DE filter is a wonderful filter with outstanding quality and straightforward maintenance. 

As you already know, DE filters are the best for removing even the tiniest particles. Hayward’s Perflex filter comes with a mighty construction, automatic debris removal, and non-backwashing cleaning method which altogether make it a trusted option for pool owners who need a long-lasting filter. 

2. Intex

Intex is a premier brand in the world of affordable and efficient swimming pool equipment, with more than two decades of continuous manufacturing history. The company’s 28637EG C1000 Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump is one of its best filters for smaller pools. 

Intex’s pool filter can be easily installed and maintained. It’s compatible with both type A and C cartridges, and you can use it for pools with 6,000 gallons of water or less. You may operate this filter for an eight-hour period daily, which makes it a budget-friendly choice for most pool owners. 


POOLPURE has been one of the strongest players in the field of the pool maintenance industry since its birth. The company delivers high-quality and budget-friendly filtration equipment, including its POOLPURE PLF120A Pool Filter. 

The filter is a top choice that’s compatible with various filter brands. It’s manufactured from POOLPURE’s Trilobal filtration fabric to catch dirt with optimum efficiency. Users are free to rinse it for lengthy usage, which makes it an affordable replacement for the majority of other brands. 

4. XtremePowerUS

XtremePowerUS is another company that provides cost-effective and efficient pool solutions as an industry leader. The company has a deep focus on manufacturing high-quality products at affordable prices. 

XtremePowerUS 19-inch Above Inground Pool Sand Filter is a superb filter for different pools. The filter comes with a 40 gallons per minute flow rate and user-friendly multiport controls, hence being a terrific option for both in-ground and above-ground pools. 

5. Rx Clear

Rx Clear is committed to producing quality pool solutions such as top swimming pool filters. The company offers high-capacity sand filters, including the Radiant Complete Sand Filter System. 

The filter is furnished with a 24-inch tank, a potent 1-horsepower pump, and a high-capacity sand bed that’s been designed for in-ground pools up to 33,000 gallons. It also features a six-position multi-port valve and built-in sight glass. 

6. Blue Wave

Blue Wave is widely known as a successful company that produces various pool maintenance equipment, including powerful swimming pool filers. The Blue Wave 120-Square Feet Cartridge Filter System is one of the best filtration systems of the company that comes with a 1.5-horsepower pump. 

The filter installation is hassle-free. It provides easy maintenance and a corrosion-resistant polymer tank. You’ll enjoy the superior filtration capabilities of this filter as it delivers crystal-clear pool water in pools with up to 2,000 gallons. 

7. Pentair

Pentair has been active since 1966, manufacturing top-notch swimming pool equipment and plenty of other filtration products. One of Pentair’s high-quality products is the Pentair 160332 Clean and Clear Pool Filter Cartridge. 

The company’s cartridge filter comes with a generous filtration surface and a strong flow rate of 150 gallons per minute. It’s indeed an ideal choice for large in-ground pools with capacities surpassing even 30,000 gallons. The maintenance of this filter is simple. Also, it offers automatic pressure release to avoid potential failures. 

8. Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi was established in 1915 and is another giant in the field of the best swimming pool filters. Its innovative products include top options such as the Jacuzzi In-Ground Cartridge Filter, which is a mighty filter with 425 square feet of filter media. 

Jacuzzi’s filter provides wonderful filtration in addition to lowered water consumption and maintenance efforts, which altogether make it an energy-efficient pool filter option. The filter is equipped with an enduring fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene tank and user-friendly features such as the easy open-close function. 

9. Doheny’s

Doheny's was founded in 1967 as a giant company that produces diverse pool filters in addition to other products such as pumps, cleaners, chemical feeders, and many more. The company’s Pool Pro 16-inch Sand Filter System is one of its greatest pool filters that removes larger debris. 

The filter is empowered by a 1-horsepower pump and a transparent lid for easy monitoring. It’s also equipped with an easily accessible drain plug and a six-position valve for enhanced maintenance, which makes the device a strong choice for users who encounter the issues of leaves, petals, and pollen intrusion.

10. Bestway

Bestway has introduced itself as a top company that manufactures the best swimming filters among various other products. The company’s Flow Clear 1500 Pool Filter Pump is a perfect option for small above-ground pools with capacities between 300 and 8,400 gallons. 

The device comes with a flow rate of 1,500 gallons per hour and provides a powerful pump and a simple design. It’s a cartridge filter pump with a double-insulated motor that powerfully pushes clean water back into the pool. You just need to be aware of the frequent need for cartridge changes — typically every two weeks.

11. Carvin

Carvin is another recognized director in the pool equipment industry. The company presents the best swimming pool filters in addition to other products such as pumps, lights, and more. You can see the company’s superb performance in its mixed products, including the Carvin Laser 22.5-inch Above Ground Pool Sand Filter. 

The filter supplies a flow rate of 20 gallons per minute and a user-friendly six-position valve. It comes with a side-slotted lateral design to deliver efficient distribution of water. It’s certainly an outstanding choice for most users as it delivers a long-lasting structure and a tank that's resistant to UV and corrosion. 

12. Jandy

Jandy was launched in the 1950s and is currently known as a top name in swimming pool equipment, as a result of providing ingenious and top-notch products. The Jandy CS200 Filter has a deep concentration on user-friendly designs as it presents a hassle-free solution to myriad pool maintenance demands. 

The filter comes with a tall cartridge design to make sure all debris is distributed evenly, which is paramount for minimizing wear and tear troubles such as broken bands and torn pleats. It’s equipped with a UV-resistant tank to heighten durability and exposure to heat and chemicals. What’s more, users will appreciate other features such as a childproof locking clip and a large drain. 

13. Summer Waves

Summer Waves is another company that manufactures exceptional cartridge filters for pool owners. The company offers innovative filter designs that are easy to use, including the Summer Waves Filter Pump System for Above Ground Swim Pools, which is available with flow rates of 1,000 and 1,500 gallons per hour. 

The filter thoroughly integrates a skimmer and filter pump. The notable thing about the Summer Wave’s filter is that it can be easily attached to the pool’s sidewall to ensure clear water without obstructing your thrill in the water. 

14. GAME

GAME is a world-class manufacturer of top-notch pool and spa products/accessories. The company is deeply focused on providing innovative products, which is observable in the numerous awards they’ve received. The SandPRO Above-Ground Pool Filter is one of GAME’s best products. 

The filter is known for its quiet and efficient operation. It’s designed for pools of up to 10,000 gallons and offers a transparent top for easy debris monitoring and a clear pressure gauge. The cleaning and operation of the GAME filter are indeed hassle-free and easy. 

15. Water TechniX

Water TechniX is a collection of products offered by Mr. Pool Man, which is Australia’s leading online pool supplier retailer with 25 years of presence in the industry. The company offers a wide variety of products such as pumps, cleaners, filters, and more. One of its best filters is the 25-inch Sand Filter Aspire. 

This sand filter is equipped with a six-way multiport valve, a large filtration area, and durable thermoplastic construction to provide easy maintenance and perfect filtration for both small and large swimming pools. The filter also has features such as a built-in waste port, automatic air bleed, and compatibility with various filter media. 

IcePure’s Mission to Provide the Best Swimming Pool Filters

Since 2014, IcePure has been supplying the best swimming pool filters from a wide variety of reputable brands and companies. Currently, IcePure offers top-notch pool filters from brands such as Bestway, Hayward, Intex, Jacuzzi, Pentair, and more. 

However, the innovations of IcePure aren’t confined to just pool filters; the company offers myriad other pool and filtration products such as whole-house water filters, water filter pitchers, ice makers, spa filters, RV filters, and many more. 

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