About Us

Innovating the Future of Healthy Home Water

Founded in 2014, ICEPURE aims to transform residential plumbing systems and make high-quality, filtered water accessible in homes across America. Using cutting-edge reverse osmosis technology and contaminant-removing filters, our water purification solutions are 100x more effective than simple pitchers or faucet attachments. We develop user-friendly yet technologically sophisticated products, with conveniences like tankless machines, low-maintenance filters, and monitoring apps.

With ongoing R&D focused on the next generation of water safety and environmental health, ICEPURE is paving the way for smarter homes and a sustainable future.

Putting Customers First...Always

At ICEPURE, customer experience is not just a priority, it is our guiding principle. From 24/7 support to personalized service visits, our Priority members receive an unparalleled level of care and benefits. Hands-on demonstrations, and an easy to use yet comprehensive mobile app mean your purified water system will be providing refreshment and reassurance for years to come. Direct access to our team of courteous water experts is available anytime at your convenience.

Because we operate on a responsive direct-to-consumer model with no third party markups, the substantial cost savings we achieve are passed directly on to you, our valued customers.

Innovating for Modern Living

Beyond providing the purest, freshest-tasting water from every tap, we are innovating lifestyle solutions for contemporary homes and families. Our commercial-grade ice machines and creamery systems are re-engineering the 'homemade.' Pet fountains keep four-legged family members happily hydrated. Yet as we expand into these new realms of in-home technology, our core mission remains: to enhance your daily life through access to purified water and give you back time once spent on reports of recalls, replacements, and repairs.

Staying Ahead Through Advancements

At ICEPURE, technology is a means, not an end. Our team operates an ambitious new product testing program, evaluating dozens of enhancements, materials, and systems annually to determine what breakthroughs are truly meaningful for residential living. The latest app integrations, water testing innovations, and sustainable product designs are continually explored and applied to our full range of water purification solutions. Over the last 24 months alone, we have released fully-reimagined systems including high-capacity tankless reverse osmosis machines, lead-removing faucet-mounted filters, and hands-free kitchen dispensers with automatic self-sanitation.


Our water expert team is committed to providing personalized service to ensure that the water purification needs of different customers are met. We provide customers with free shipping and returns, installation guidance, troubleshooting, and other hassle-free shopping solutions. You can contact our team of water experts directly at any time at your convenience.

Pre-sales Technical Support

Diagnose your water problems and provide recommended solutions. Answer all the questions you want to know.

Quickly Respond

24/7 online customer service. Our team of water experts is available 24 hours to answer whatever questions and concerns you have.

After-sales Service

Free shipping and returns. From installation, and maintenance to replacement, we are here for you every step of the way.