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Keeping Your Pets Hydrated: A Review of the 15 Best Pet Water Fountain Brands

Have you ever wondered why pet water fountains are getting popularized every day? The clever design of these devices allows them to supply steady fresh water to your furry buddy and entices them to drink more frequently. They operate quietly, come in durable materials, deliver a sufficient amount of filtered water, and are easy to maintain. 

Considering all the benefits of these devices, the question is, “What are the best manufacturers of the best pet water fountains?” In our post today, we aim to briefly review the 15 best manufacturers of these devices and discuss one of their notable products.

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What is the Best Pet Water Fountain?

A pet water fountain is an automated device that’s employed to provide pets with a steady flow of fresh and filtered water. It can conserve a clean and appealing water source for pets to sweeten their hydration. 

The use of these devices is hugely integral for pets that are unwilling to drink from still water bowls. The moving water in a fountain usually tempts pets and motivates them to drink more, which is essential for their overall health and well-being.

That said, a great pet water fountain comes with a set of critical characteristics:

  • Filtration System: Top fountains are armed with replaceable filters that can extract impurities, debris, and unwelcome odors from the water. This is to make sure pets can always access clean/safe drinking water. 
  • Quiet Operation: A good fountain operates at low noise so it doesn’t bother the household or scare sensitive pets. Noiseless pumps and the efficient design of these devices allow them to operate rather quietly. 
  • Durability and Materials: The best fountains are crafted from enduring, pet-safe materials like stainless steel, ceramic, or BPA-free plastic. These materials can be cleaned in a breeze and resist the accumulation of bacteria. 
  • Capacity and Size: An appropriate fountain is equipped with a sufficient water capacity that fits the size and number of pets. It can preserve an adequate amount of water for several days, thereby minimizing the number of replenishments. 
  • Ease of Cleaning: It’s critical to routinely cleanse the fountain to maintain its functionality and hygiene. Top models of these devices can be disassembled with ease and have dishwasher-safe components so you can easily maintain them.
  • Adjustable Flow: Most premium fountains come with adjustable water flow settings. This way, you can set the water flow based on the preference of your pet. 

The 15 Best Pet Water Fountains in the World

There are versatile pet water fountain manufacturers to choose from. Some are specifically focused on crafting top pet water fountains, while others may create additional pet care products too. Let’s find out more about 15 best brands active in this realm along with one of their notable fountains. 

IcePure is a superior manufacturer of top-quality pet water fountains. the company’s fountains are engineered to supply a constant flow of fresh, filtered water for pets. These fountains are armed with a reservoir, pump, and state-of-the-art filtration system.

The company’s pet water fountains purposefully ensure your pet drinks more frequently and stay hydrated. They can successfully thwart the dehydration of pets, which is paramount and a critical factor for pets that are prone to urinary issues or kidney problems. 

The moving water in IcePure’s fountains catches the eyes of pets and tempts them to drink regularly. They’re immaculate for households with multiple pets as it allows them all to access clean water simultaneously.

What’s more, some models of IcePure’s pet water fountains are equipped with cooling features. It enables them to supply refreshing water during hot weather. Pet owners can trust IcePure’s dependable and innovative devices to keep their pets healthy and hydrated.

2. PetSafe

PetSafe is a big name in pet water fountains. It has a rich history in crafting innovative pet products since 1991. The primary focus of the company is on safety, pleasure, and health for pets. PetSafe’s fountains come in distinctive sizes, designs, and functionalities.

One of PetSafe’s popular devices is the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain. It comes in plastic material with a capacity of 5 liters—one of the largest pet water fountains on our list. Also, it’s equipped with flow control features, support for multiple pets, and a long-lasting configuration.

3. Catit

Catit is widely recognized as a premium manufacturer of pet water fountains. It has been designing innovative fountains for cats since the early 2000s. The company’s fountains are designed to deeply concentrate on feline hydration. They come with features such as multi-stream settings and replaceable filters.

One of Catit’s most notable pet water fountains is its Flower Fountain. It’s armed with a 3-liter capacity and a user-friendly water-level window. Plus, the device comes with three settings for the flow of water so it can tempt even finicky pets to stay more hydrated.

4. Pioneer Pet

Pioneer Pet is another well-known brand in manufacturing pet water fountains. It presents a broad spectrum of fountains in diverse sizes and designs to help you choose one based on your pet’s needs. The company values the functionality and ease of use of its devices, thereby confirming that your pets will remain hydrated. 

The Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain is one of the company’s favorite options among pet owners. It’s crafted from dishwasher-safe stainless steel that’s easy to clean. Also, it comes with a replaceable charcoal filter and a contemporary design that can complement any home decoration.

5. Petlibro

Petlibro is a newcomer—founded in 2016—in the suite of top pet water fountains. It focuses on crafting stylish and functional pet products, including automatic water fountains. The company’s fountains come with diverse features such as whisper-quiet operation and multi-filtration systems.

Among Petlibro’s popular products, the Capsule Water Fountain is a noteworthy model. It’s a 2.1-liter fountain that offers ultra-quiet operation and two water flow modes—gentle stream or bubbling—to entice pets to drink more frequently. Plus, the device’s translucent tank allows pet owners to easily monitor water levels, and its rounded corners simplify the cleaning process.

6. Petkit

Launched in 2010, Petkit is a supreme manufacturer of smart pet products. The company is broadly recognized for its app-enabled pet water fountains. It focuses deeply on crafting technology-backed devices for pet care, thereby maximizing convenience for pet owners and sweetening the health of pets. 

Petkit Eversweet 3 Pro is one of the company’s best pet water fountains. It is designed with stainless steel material and comes with a 1.8-liter capacity. Also, the device features a UVC lamp for water sterilization and three water flow modes. More notably, it can even connect to a smartphone app to help you monitor it remotely and get filter replacement reminders.

7. Ivation

Ivation is a top manufacturer of modern home and kitchen appliances. Although it’s not exclusively focused on pet products, it still presents a collection of pet water fountains. The company tries to deliver its products with gorgeous aesthetics. Also, it values customer service and offers warranties on its products.

A special pet water fountain of the company is its Ivation Multi-Stream Pet Fountain. It has a capacity of 2.5 liters and features a multi-stream design to motivate pets for natural drinking. What’s more, the device is equipped with a replaceable charcoal filter for water purification, in addition to adjustable water flow settings for both cats and dogs.

8. Mirovei

Although Mirovei might not be as well-known as some other brands on our list, it’s found a name in creating stylish and functional pet water fountains. The company was launched back in 2016 and prioritizes sleek designs for its products. Its devices can complement modern homes and at the same time, guarantee pet well-being by enhancing their hydration.

The Mirovei Modern Ceramic Fountain is a superb model of Mirovei’s pet water fountains. It comes with a 2.5-liter capacity and a multi-tiered design with cascading streams. Moreover, it features a replaceable carbon filter and a quiet operation that makes it a top option for pets that are sensitive to noise.

9. IntelliLeash

IntelliLeash is a company with a big focus on enhancing pet care. It presents pet water fountains in addition to many other pet-related products. The company values the highest quality and innovative designs, which has made them on par with some big competitors. 

The Purrfect Water Fountain is a noteworthy model of the company’s pet water fountains. It boasts a 5-layer filtration system and an auto shut-off for pump protection. What’s more, the device comes with a customizable flow with a splash guard, which makes it indeed ideal for pets that are discerning or even playful.

10. WOpet

WOpet is a devoted company to crafting pet products that sweeten the well-being of pets. It has successfully placed itself among forward-thinking manufacturers of pet water fountains. The company presents diverse models with distinctive characteristics such as whisper-quiet pumps, multiple filtration systems, and dishwasher-safe parts for effortless maintenance. 

The WOpet Bloom is one of the company’s superb models. It’s armed with an ultra-quiet pump and a triple filtration system to supply fresh water. Also, It’s equipped with a night mode and a gentle blue light to entice pets for regular nighttime drinking.

11. Homdox

You might have heard about Homdox less frequently than some other competitors on our list, but it’s a popular brand for pet water fountains. It presents a diverse set of electric fountains and tries to deliver them with heightened user-friendliness. 

The company’s Automatic Electric Pet Water Dispenser is one of its notable models that comes with a 1.8-liter capacity. It’s a plastic fountain that features an LED night light for easy visibility. Also, it’s equipped with a replaceable filter and a free-falling water stream to entice pets.

12. Sure Petcare

Sure Petcare is distinguished for its connected pet products. It offers innovative water fountains that enhance any pet’s wellness. The company was launched in 2000 and focuses on remote monitoring and behavior insights.

The Felaqua Connect fountain is one of Sure Petcare’s best models that comes with a smart design and runs on battery. It employs a wide, shallow bowl for natural drinking. The device can get connected to a Sure Petcare Hub (sold separately) to track your cat’s hydration habits through an app.

13. Giotohun

Giotohun creates smart pet supplies such as pet water fountains. It doesn’t have a long history of presence in the market, but it deeply values user-friendly features and functionality. The company’s fountains come in diverse sizes and designs and are equipped with quiet pumps and replaceable filters.

The 2L Faucet-Shaped Water Fountain is one of Giotohun’s notable devices. It’s a compact fountain that’s armed with a super silent pump, an activated carbon filter, and an LED night light.

14. Wonder Creature

Wonder Creature presents a variety of pet supplies, including stylish and practical water fountains for cats and dogs. The main focus of the company on wonderful designs and practicality has made it a popular choice among pet owners. 

One of Wonder Creature’s notable devices is the Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain. It’s a 2.4-liter device that’s equipped with a mighty, dishwasher-safe stainless steel lid and a multi-directional water flow.

15. Rellaty

Rellaty is a rather new company that manufactures top-quality pet water fountains. It was established back in 2019 in California. It has a deep focus on stainless steel fountains for cats and small dogs. 

Rellaty Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain is a shining model of the company’s water fountains. It has a 3.2-liter capacity and is an amazing choice if you prefer stainless steel fountains. The device is indeed durable, easy to maintain, and resistant to the growth of bacteria.

Final Words

Now, you clearly understand what pet water fountains are and who manufactures the best models of them. All brands we discussed today are capable of manufacturing top-quality pet water fountains. If you’re undecided on which device to choose for your furry friend, feel free to go with one of these companies with peace of mind and benefit from all features and advantages they offer.

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