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Recommended Best Water Filter Pitchers at Different Prices in 2024

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In our comprehensive guide today, we aim to review the best water filter pitchers across various price ranges in 2023. These pitchers are from well-known brands such as Brita, PUR, and innovative leaders such as IcePure. 

Whether your budget is limited to under $20 or you tend to invest over $200 in powerful water filter pitchers, our guide has you covered. We’ll discuss various aspects of each pitcher to make sure you can choose one that will elevate your hydration experience. 

We’ll initially learn about famous brands that manufacture the best water filter pitchers in the world, and then head toward our list to review them individually, starting from options below $20. 

The table below shows the list in short: 

Price Range

Water Filter Pitcher


Under $20

IcePure CRF-950Z


Brita Standard Pitcher


PUR Water Pitcher Filtration System


Under $40

ZeroWater Pitcher


Hydros Glass Slim Pitcher


PUR Ultimate Pitcher with Lead Reduction


Under $100

Brita Grand Pitcher


Soma Water Filter Pitcher


LifeStraw Home Glass Water Filter Pitcher


Under $200

Aarke Water Purifier


Larq PureVis Water Pitcher


ClearlyFiltered Filtered Water Pitcher


Over $200

AquaTru Connect Smart Countertop Water Purifier


Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter


Aquasana Clean Water Machine


Best Water Filter Pitcher Brands

There are multiple water filter pitcher brands active on the market. They offer pure refreshment of the great-tasting water you drink every day. From household, familiar names such as Brita and PUR to innovative leaders like IcePure, options are versatile if you need a new water filter pitcher. 


Established in 2014, IcePure is a company that specializes in revolutionizing home water quality. The company uses modern reverse osmosis technology and contaminant-removing filters for their high-quality water filter pitchers, in addition to the wide variety of their other filters such as whole-house water filters, pool filters, refrigerator filters, spa filters, and many more. 


As you probably know, Brita is an iconic water filter pitcher brand. The company was founded in 1966 and since then, has been manufacturing innovative water filtration solutions backed by its rich history. It provides clean, refreshing water across its diverse products. 


PUR is another well-known name in the field of water purification products. The company was founded in 1986 and currently, manufactures a wide variety of products such as water filter faucet mounts, pitchers, side taps, dispensers, coolers, and filtration systems.


ZeroWater is a water filtration company specializing in manufacturing high-quality pitchers. The company’s pitchers mainly use a five-stage filtration process to remove contaminants from tap water. ZeroWater’s filters can remove various contaminants such as lead, chemicals, fluoride, minerals, dust, rust, runoff, and many more.


Since 1995, Seychelle has been a leader in global water purification. The company uses superior filtration technology and offers sustainable solutions for clean water in every situation. Seychelle is based in California and takes advantage of modern testing and inspection procedures to provide pitchers and other water filtration products that deliver clean and safe water.


LifeStraw is a well-known brand of water filtration and purification equipment. The company is known for its modern portable water filtration products that help users drink directly from contaminated water sources. LifeStraw often performs a Buy One, Give One model to provide its various products to communities in need. 


Soma is a water filtration brand that uses eco-friendly, renewable materials to build its filters and products. The company has a deep focus on sustainable and aesthetically pleasing water filtration products. Soma is widely known for its glass water filter pitchers with plant-based water filters, which are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic pitchers. 


Aarke is a Swedish design company founded in 2013. The two industrial designers behind the company, Jonas Groth and Carl Ljungh, run its studio and workshop in Stockholm. The brand is known for its carbonation machine, Aarke Carbonator, which comes with a minimalist and stainless steel design and lets users carbonate water at home. 

A. Best Water Filter Pitchers Under $20

The IcePure CRF-950Z pitcher is a durable device designed for pure, refreshing hydration. It can remarkably reduce the amount of chlorine by 99% and remove over 20 contaminants from the water to make sure you’ll enjoy drinking clean and pristine water. 

IcePure’s pitcher has been engineered to withstand a 400 PSI bursting pressure. This simply showcases its durability so the user will be able to use the pitcher for a long time. Also, CRF-950Z is free from harmful substances; it’s both BPA and lead-free, which makes the pitcher align with all health-related standards. 

It’s interesting to know that 34 production processes have been passed in the meticulous craftsmanship of IcePure’s valuable pitcher. Rigorously, the pitcher has undergone 100,000 water hammer tests to ensure the high quality of the pitcher and prove the high dedication of IcePure to quality control. Generally, CRF-950Z delivers effective, safe, and truly refreshing hydration at an extremely affordable price. 

Brita is a leader in the world of the best water filter pitchers. The company provides admirable pitchers, and its Standard Pitcher is no exception. The Standard Pitcher is able to extract almost 40% of the total dissolved solids (TDS), which is considered a truly respectable performance at this cost. 

The Standard Pitcher is so effective, considering the fact that it’s offered at only $15. The cost-effectiveness of the model is also visible in its replacement filters, which are available at just $6 in multipacks. Each filter will purify 40 gallons of water, which is approximately enough for two months of consistent filtration. 

Those who tend to use their filters for a longer time can also use Brita’s Longlast filter with the Standard Pitcher, which is pricier but lasts three times as long as the standard version. Although Brita provides effective water filtration at lower costs with this mode, some users have reported that certain models may feel slightly cheap in quality.

The PUR Water Pitcher comes with amazing convenience and intelligent design. The game-changing feature of this pitcher is being dishwasher-safe. This enhances the overall user experience and eliminates the need for tedious handwashing. 

The pitcher's 7-cup capacity comes with a slim design that makes it perfect for crowded fridges. Although this slim design forces you to refill the device more frequently, it’s worth it when you consider the pitcher’s practicality and easy handling. 

Filling and pouring is easy with PUR’s pitcher, thanks to its flip-top lid that stays secure in place. The pitcher is offered in vibrant color options such as lime and blush to beautify your kitchen. Laboratory tests prove that the pitcher is able to considerably reduce chlorine and heavy metals. What’s more, PUR also offers a larger model with an 11-cup capacity for those who need more water storage. 

B. Best Water Filter Pitchers Under $40

ZeroWater has always been a hero in the world of the best water filter pitchers thanks to its outstanding efficiency in removing TDS from tap water. The company’s pitcher impressively removes 100% of TDS from the water in laboratory tests, which proves its undeniable power in purifying and hydration. 

About ZeroWater, it’s interesting to know that the company confidently provides a TDS water quality tester with its pitchers. This way, the user can personally verify the exceptional performance of each model. Tests conducted using the company’s tester in addition to other testers show that the ZeroWater pitcher provides perfect TDS removal. 

In addition to this flawless performance, ZeroWater provides its pitcher in various sizes which are all compatible with the same dependable filter. You can purchase sizes varying from a 10-cup round pitcher to a 23-cup dispenser. Despite all the advantages of this model, users should know that replacement filters might be a little expensive and the filtration process may take a bit longer in this model. 

The Hydros Glass Slim Pitcher effectively removes chlorine and sediment to provide clean/tasty water. The pitcher comes with a slim design – 4” diameter – which is a great option for those with limited fridge space. When filled, the pitcher weighs only 4 pounds, which is very lightweight. 

What’s distinctive about Hydros Glass Slim Pitcher is the convenience when using it as there’s no need for pre-soaking; a simple, 15-second flush under running water makes the device ready for action. However, the game-changing feature of this model is its near-instantaneous water filtration, which is a pleasant surprise for many. 

Despite all the benefits, there are a couple of considerations. Filling the pitcher can become a little messy sometimes due to the small opening. Also, the bottom of the pitcher might feel heavier when you hold it by your neck. Still, the pitcher is a great option offering crystal-clear filtration, space-saving and lightweight design, and fast-filtering capabilities. 

The PUR Plus 11-cup water filtration pitcher provides you with easy/quick access to refreshing water. The pitcher comes with a user-friendly design and is equipped with a tight lid and a slim design that helps it fit with ease in most refrigerator doors. Also, the filter comes with a changing light signal to tell you when it's time for a replacement. 

The highlighted feature of PUR’s pitcher is its ability to reduce lead. It can address potential contamination from lead service lines or household plumbing. PUR is a top-selling brand offering lead filtration whose products protect users against contaminants such as mercury, pesticides, and chlorine taste and odor. 

PUR’s ultimate pitcher comes with an 11-cup capacity that filters up to 40 gallons or two months per filter. The filter is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, hence delivering a pleasant and safe experience. Also, its lockable lid allows you to pour water during the filtration process without spills. 

C. Best Water Filter Pitchers Under $100

The Brita Grand 10-cup pitcher is one of the best water filter pitchers that provide the cleanest and freshest water. The pitcher comes with a covered spout, filter replacement notification LED, and flip-top reservoir cover. You may face minor issues regarding the spout getting loose, but the good news is that Brita’s pitcher can fit with ease on most refrigerator shelves. 

The Brita Grand Pitcher comes with a Standard filter that’s loved by most users due to its superior taste. The pitcher provides rapid water filtration; you have to wait for just 3-4 minutes for 3.5 cups of water to be filtered. It can reduce chlorine significantly, reduce TDS slightly, and keep the pH of the water. 

The filtration capabilities of Brita Grand Pitcher cover impurities such as chlorine, mercury, cadmium, copper, and zinc for the Standard filter. Also, its Longlast filter can remove chlorine, lead, mercury, cadmium, industrial chemicals, particulates, and pharmaceuticals. 

The Soma 10-cup water filter pitcher provides a delicate mixture of modern aesthetics and eco-friendly design. It’s manufactured from BPA-free plastic and comes with a handle made from bamboo. Almost 60% of the replaceable filters of Soma’s pitcher are composed of plant-based, renewable materials, helping the device align with the company’s commitment to sustainability. 

For most pitchers, you have to open the lid to refill the device; however, Soma’s pitcher comes with a circular flap on its top which opens automatically under the pressure of water, making the refilling process a breeze. The shatterproof 10-cup design offers an elegant appearance and provides ergonomic comfort.

Despite all the advantages of this model, it should be noted that Soma’s pitcher delivers a rather wide stream when you pour water, which might be troublesome when filling up bottles with slim necks. 

The LifeStraw Home Glass Water Filter Pitcher is a compact, 7-cup pitcher that considerably enhances the taste and clarity of water. The pitcher can remove over 30 contaminants, including chlorine, microplastics, sediment, heavy metals, VOCs, endocrine disruptors, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and E. coli bacteria and cysts. 

The good thing about LifeStraw’s pitcher is that the company provides it in both plastic and glass, helping the shift from plastic to glass in the market. The pitcher weighs just 6 pounds when filled, making it a lightweight, easy-to-handle option. 

LifeStraw says that this pitcher takes a few refills to provide its proper flow, but you might still feel the filtration is slow. Although this model easily outperforms typical glass pitchers on the market regarding filtration efficiency, lightweight design, and user-friendliness, users should be cautious about concerns regarding slow filtration speeds. 

D. Best Water Filter Pitchers Under $200

The well-known Swedish brand, Aarke, is widely recognized for its classy sparkling water makers, but the company’s water filter pitcher is also a masterpiece. This glass and stainless steel pitcher comes with a delicate design to deliver the same aesthetics as Aarke’s sparkling water products. 

Aarke’s water purifier can remove almost 40% of TDS from tap water, which might be a little lower than how efficient its rivals are in this field. It should be noted that Aarke has designed a reusable filter system for this model, which requires only granule replacements. A single set of granules can purify roughly 31.7 gallons of water. 

In general, Aarke’s pitcher comes with an elegant design and high-quality materials such as glass and stainless steel. It can certainly align with any modern kitchen setting, though it’s slightly more expensive than other pitchers and comes with the risk of breakability. 

The Larq PureVis Water Pitcher is one of the best water filter pitchers that’s been designed to solve a common issue in many pitchers. Although most pitchers remove chlorine to enhance the water taste, this removal leads to creating an environment where bacteria can grow fast. To overcome this, Larq uses UV light in its pitcher to prevent the development of E. coli and Salmonella after the chlorine removal. 

Larq’s pitcher offers a thorough filtration system that’s able to remove over 45 contaminants, including microplastics, heavy metals, VOCs, and pharmaceuticals. It’s equipped with a unique, rechargeable wand that accommodates the UV light, which is observable as water flows through the filtration process. 

PureVis Water Pitcher comes with a user-friendly Larq app that offers filter replacement tracking. The pitcher is dishwasher-safe and has a modern aesthetic and a spill-free pour spout. Although this model has an admirable design, its yearly filter replacement cost can be a drawback compared to its rivals. 

The ClearlyFiltered Filtered Water Pitcher is a great option for those who need clean and safe hydration. The pitcher comes with advanced Affinity Filtration Technology that targets/removes over 365 contaminants from tap water, including fluoride, lead, BPA, PFAS/PFOA, HAA5, arsenic, and perchlorate. 

The interesting thing about this technology is that it helps the pitcher intelligently keep beneficial materials intact and remove only harmful substances. ClearlyFiltered’s pitcher is made from 100% BPA- and BPS-free medical-grade Tritan materials to provide the highest standards of water purity. 

Users of the ClearlyFiltered pitcher can use the device with peace of mind as it comes with a 10-cup capacity, a 100-gallon filter life, and a limited lifetime warranty. It outperforms standard filtration technology and wasteful reverse osmosis systems to deliver a smarter and stronger purification option. 

E. Best Water Filter Pitchers Over $200

The AquaTru Connect Smart Countertop Water Purifier can filter out over 80 contaminants. It can clearly eliminate chlorine, heavy metals, VOCs, pharmaceuticals, and more, with an outstanding 90% reduction in fluoride. 

The device comes with three filters — pre/carbon, reverse osmosis, and VOC — to ensure thorough purification. What's more, the AquaTru App monitors values such as filter status, water gallons filtered, and total dissolved solids. 

AquaTru’s purifier comes with a 16-cup capacity and an easy-to-use handle. Although the upfront cost is high, the filter lifespan is rather long, which makes the annual replacement affordable. The device is fairly bulky, but it delivers outstanding contaminant reduction.

Berkey's Gravity-Fed Water Filter can effectively remove over 200 contaminants. It outperforms most usual water filters as it can detect common chemical impurities like chlorine, cadmium, and lead, in addition to viruses, bacteria, parasitic pathogens, VOCs, pharmaceutical drugs, and petroleum contaminants such as gasoline and crude oil. 

It should be noted that Berkey provides additional fluoride filters for those who need fluoride-free water, though you need to purchase it separately. Although you may face issues trying to set down the device due to the bottom screws, you'll soon find it to be user-friendly after proper configuration. 

Berkey’s device delivers plenty of capacity, which minimizes your trips to the sink for refills. Although the initial investment is rather high for Berkey’s device, the fact that its filters can withstand up to 100 cleanings can make it a cost-effective option compared to filters with frequent replacements. 

Unlike usual pitchers that work with the help of gravity, the Aquasana Clean Water Machine innovatively uses power for swift and efficient filtration. The machine can deliver an 8oz glass of water in just 8 seconds, which is remarkably five times faster than most leading filters. 

Aquasana’s pitcher can remove over 99% of microplastics, lead, chlorine, and various contaminants — 15 times more than typical pitchers. It comes with the Claryum selective filtration technology that makes sure essential materials such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium remain in the water. 

Each filter of the machine can impressively last up to 7.5 times longer than standard pitcher filters. This equals saving over 2,200 single-use plastic bottles and a notable financial advantage — roughly $500 in value. What's more, the machine is made with a stylish/compact design that's inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics. 

Final Words

The world of water filtration technologies is going forward fast. That’s why you always need to know the best options available on the market. We explored the best water filter pitchers in our guide today, discussing great options from brands such as IcePure, ZeroWater, PUR, Brita, and more. 

Each of these pitchers comes with its unique mixture of features. They cover various preferences and priorities such as budget, sustainability, or advanced technology. Based on your budget, pick one of the best water filter pitchers we reviewed today to maximize your hydration experience In a flash. 

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