Hayward Pool Filters

Hayward pool filters are recognized as industry-leading cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration systems. These filters purify pool water and enhance its quality through efficient dirt trapping and easy maintenance. This makes them adaptable to myriad pool sizes and applications.

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Why You Need a Hayward Pool Filter?

Quick Maintenance

Hayward pool filters come with an Easy-Lok ring design that empowers you to access their internal components with no sweat. This makes their maintenance a breeze.

Reduced Cleaning Time

Lower pleat count in Hayward DE filters shortens the cleaning time significantly so you can enjoy your pool time the most.

Durable Materials

These filters come with materials resistant to corrosion. This enables them to function smoothly in diverse weather conditions.

Energy Efficient Performance

Hayward pool filters reduce your total costs as they operate with maximum energy efficiency. They allow pumps to run at lower speeds and for shorter times.

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FAQs for Hayward Pool Filters

Q: What is the difference between Hayward cartridge, sand, and DE pool filters?

A: Cartridge filters use pleated cartridges to capture dirt. Sand filters use sand as their filtration medium. And, DE filters employ diatomaceous earth to provide maximum water clarity.

Q: How often should I clean my Hayward pool filter?

A: The cleaning frequency hinges on different elements such as pool usage and environmental conditions. A pressure increase of 8-10 psi on the filter's pressure gauge compared to the starting pressure can be a sign that cleaning time has arrived.

Q: How do I winterize my Hayward pool sand filter?

A: Some models of these filters come with a winterizing feature that allows you to drain the filter tank and plumbing lines to prevent freezing damage. To do so, you can use the large pressure sand/water drain on the filter.

Q: Are Hayward pool filters suitable for all pool sizes?

A: Yes, these filters come in diverse models for different pool sizes, including smaller residential pools and large semi-commercial ones. 

Q: Is my Bestway pool filter compatible with different pool valve sizes?

A: These filters come with adapters for distinct pool valve sizes. This is to ensure they're compatible with the majority of above-ground pool configurations.