Unicel Pool Filters

Unicel pool filters are critical devices for pool maintenance. They employ cartridge elements to capture debris and impurities from the pool water. Unlike conventional DE grids, Unicel pool filters avoid damage from acid washes and at the same time, deliver optimal filtration capabilities.

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Why You Need a Unicel Pool Filter?

Extended Lifespan

Unicel pool filters guarantee a lengthened life of pool equipment because they diminish strain on pumps and other components.

Environmentally Friendly

These filters come with a longer life cycle and employ lower chemical usage, thereby functioning in a more eco-friendly way.

High Compatibility

Unicel pool filters are designed to meet OEM specifications, which allows them to integrate well with existing pool systems.

Cost Efficiency

These filters come with a long replacement interval. This helps you save money on maintenance and replacements.

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FAQs for Unicel Pool Filters

Q: What does “plumbed backward” mean in Unicel pool filters?

A: It refers to incorrect waterline attachment, which can result in reversed water flow through the filter. This can weaken the filter efficiency and lead to damage to the cartridge.

Q: How can I find out if my Unicel pool filter is plumbed backward?

A: To find this out, look for signs such as split end caps, dirt accumulation on the pleats’ inside, stretched support bands, and rounded pleats. Any one of these indications shows that there is reversed water flow and affected filtration.

Q: How long do Unicel pool filters typically last?

A: These filters can last up to 18 months, though it generally depends on how you use and maintain the filter. This lifespan is a result of the filter's premium filtration media and accurate design.

Q: What material is used in Unicel filter cartridges, and why are they white?

A: Unicel uses Reemay — a spun-bonded polyester material — in the manufacturing of its filter cartridges due to its purity and FDA compliance. The white color depicts the cleanliness and quality of these filters. 

Q: What fabric covers Unicel DE filter grids?

A: Unicel DE grids come with 100% polypropylene cloth that's recognized for its resistance to chemicals and durability.