ICEPURE Refrigerator Air Filter Replaces Pureair Ultra 2 Pure Air Ultra 2



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    Purifies for great taste

    Protects from pollutants and bacteria

    Dependable performance

    Requires minimal maintenance

    Fresh Water Straight from Your Fridge

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    • [Pursuing Superior Quality] High-quality carbon technology absorbs bad odors. 3-layer design for the filter media. A-Non Woven Cloth: removes big impurities; B-Activated Carbon Particles: good absorption capacity to odor, smoke, VOC, etc; C-Non-Woven Cloth: removes big impurities.
    • [Perfect Fit] ICEPURE filter fits the original brand perfectly, so there’s no leakage occurring at all. Assuming any problems arise, we have a professional team to help you. You will have a pleasant shopping experience.
    • [Strong Adsorption Function] Efficiently absorb odor, and volatile organic compounds and remove impurity particles from your refrigerator.
    • [High Standards] ICEPURE water filters use US technology and teams. The ICEPURE brand has high requirements for products, and every product that is manufactured must go through 5 inspection and testing stages, ensuring that every product meets our high expectations.
    • [Compatible Models] PAULTRA II, PureAir Ultra II, Paultra 2, AP6285787, PD00044143, PS12364179, PAULTRA2, Pure Air Ultra II, 4582822 & 5303918847, EAP12364179, EAF3-2P, PURE AIR ULTRA 2, 5303918847, 242047805, 4582822, Pure Air II, CWFF014.