ICEPURE RWF0300A Universal Inline Refrigerator Water Filter



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    Purifies for great taste

    Protects from pollutants and bacteria

    Dependable performance

    Requires minimal maintenance

    Fresh Water Straight from Your Fridge

    From refreshing ice cubes to pure cold water, our premium options bring out the best in every glass. Plus, saying goodbye to bottled water means better taste and less waste! Let us help you make the switch today – explore now!

    A Better You Awaits

    No more fumbling with bulky containers or worrying about running out of clean water during emergencies. Make room in your fridge for a refrigerator water filter today!

    • [Efficient Filtration Capacity] ICEPURE RWF0300A refrigerator water filter replacement for GE GXRTQR reduces many harmful substances from your water including 97.5% of chlorine, taste, odor, THM, VOCs, particles, and all other major impurities.
    • [Premium Materials] BPA-free and food-grade materials.
    • [Triple Filtration] ICEPURE universal inline refrigerator water filter uses advanced activated carbon, which can reduce chlorine and impurities in tap water and retain beneficial minerals.
    • [No Leakage] ICEPURE universal inline refrigerator water filter is manufactured following the design and specifications of original brand filters to ensure easy installation and compatibility.
    • [Great Value for Money] ICEPURE universal inline refrigerator water filter is made with premium materials, efficient filtration, authoritative certifications, and advanced technologies but at an affordable price. Saving you money while giving you quality filtration.